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February 25, 2012

BD singer Hridoy khan and model suzana media gossip

 Hridoy Khan married Suzana, seven years older than him

Several of the models discussed in Khan married Susannah heart - going to criticize !
 Listen to one : sedinakara Pula " Eat the heart of one kg of meat -in-law has a better body than he seems to make a wedding hat ....
Hridoy Khan with model suzana
No trace of his first bauyera . Years ago salike ruby heart suddenly married musician fled pad . His father, Ripon Khan Music Director mahasamasyaya to read .
Love does not mean no rules - barriers . Father, Ripon Khan, the heart barely gave a second biyetakeo or obscured .

However, the heart became more desperate . Has met the love of his father 's dream . Khan 's father is now looking at the boy 's heart , so do not hold . Susannah heart rampa models have been engaged in an unequal love .
Three years ago in the heart of Khan worked as a music video model Susannah . Sources close to the heart of the Khan and Susannah . As long as they comply with their friends , there is a romantic relationship between them . But, recently , they decided to get married . They will soon be officially announced about,